Pianos for Students Society

Pianos for Students Society

Yamaha Pianos at Riverton Piano Company

Donate Your Piano

Donating your piano could be the best way to quickly (and safely) move it out of your home while still giving you a substantial benefit. We can pickup your piano, provide you with the appropriate contribution document for tax purposes, and see use your piano to bring folks into contact with live music. You get a great tax benefit, we receive an excellent donation, and more people will get to actively participate in music making. Everybody wins! If you'd like to donate your piano, fill out the form below and we'll contact you with the next steps. ...and thanks in advance for supporting Pianos for Students Society!

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How to Find the Serial Number

During production, each piano is giving a unique number so it can be identified during the selling process and for after-the-sale service. This unique number (called a "serial number") is usually four to eight digits long. It can contain letters as well as numbers and it is usually found in a few standard places on your piano. If you don't know where to look, try these common locations:

Grand or Baby Grand Pianos

grand piano serial number
  • On the cast-iron plate by tuning pins.

Vertical Pianos

upright piano serial number
  • On the cast-iron plate by tuning pins.
  • Stamped into wood under the top or plate.
  • On the back corner of the piano.
upright piano serial number back